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Career Katrina

First step to success: 18 Makeup in 2 days

A Resident of Pune, Maharashtra, Mony was always interested in make-up. She was from our very first batches, and was trained under our lead trainer Aprana Pandey. Within 6 months she has reached a stage where she did 18 Makeups in 2 days, here is her story...

Aparna Pandey

Key Factors to Consider While Choosing a Bridal Makeup Artist

In India, weddings are a grand affair. So much so, that we have a wedding season. And why not? With our rich traditions and ceremonies weddings are often the biggest of festivals. There are hundreds of things that need to be done and everything is of utmost importance. One such

Aparna Pandey

From Haldi, Mehndi to Reception - Perfect Makeup Looks for your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding season is almost here. It’s that time of the year when brides are already blushing and glowing. From engagement to reception, brides go the extra mile to ensure everything is perfect, and why not? It is after all the most special occasion of their life. Over the years

Aparna Pandey

5 Easy to Create Office Makeup Looks for the Perfect Week

Since the lockdown started last year, most of us have been working from home, with our office clothes and accessories locked up in cupboards too. As things get better and offices open slowly, we all have one thing to get excited about - getting all dressed up for our workplaces.

Aparna Pandey

Getting the Perfect Monsoon Look - Tips for a Flawless Monsoon-Proof Makeup

In India, monsoons can get extremely humid causing - dripping of makeup, patchy foundation, smudging lip color, frizzy hairs, etc., and can be a dreadful affair for makeup lovers. But fret not, to help you wear makeup confidently and comfortably, we will share some tips for monsoon-proof makeup

Aparna Pandey

How to Start Your Own Beauty Salon - Your Key Questions Answered

How to start their beauty salon? What is the investment required? What kind of licenses are needed? How you can set up your beauty salon after you finish your makeup artist course

Aparna Pandey

How To Create a Stunning Makeup Artist Portfolio to Attract Clients

The first rule of an impressive portfolio is having a stunning first image. As they say - a first impression is the last impression, a stellar first image will ensure that the first impression of your portfolio catches your client’s interest and attention

Career Katrina

5 Perks Available Only In LIVE Online Makeup Training

With the online modules, it has become possible to learn from experts in the field irrespective of which place they are based. And it is an excellent opportunity for students to meet people from various cultures, interact and learn from them.

Career Katrina

How Makeup Artists can Use Social Media to Get Clients and Grow Business

It requires a plan, time, and most importantly consistent efforts to reap the full benefits of social media to get clients and grow your business. Let’s talk about some tricks of the trade that makeup artists can use to use social media as a powerful tool to reach potential clients