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Aparna Pandey

Top 8 Too Hot To Handle Summer Hairstyles for Summer 2022

"Sweet, sweet burn of sun and summer wind, and you, my friend, my new fun thing, my summer fling." —K.D. Lang I love summers. For me, it brings with it the sweet feeling of holidays and reminds me of my childhood, summer vacations, mangoes, games, evening strolls, and everything

Aparna Pandey

5 Cool Makeup Looks For Indian Summers

Summers are here. These bright and sunny months are perfect to play around with looks that match the colours of the weather. Indian summers are humid in most parts of the country, hence it is also the time when makeup enthusiasts are seeking looks that agree with the hot and

Career Katrina

Lalita’s Makeup Journey : Turning weaknesses into strengths

Growth doesn't come entirely by attaining knowledge about a particular skill, rather it's a mix of the ability to confront and overcome the problems faced by the individual and brainstorming for the most creative ideas for execution. Lalita Khati, a VahVah certified makeup artist’s story is what perfectly explains

Aparna Pandey

10 Trending Saree Draping Styles To Give Your Traditional Sari A New Avatar

The evolution of the humble attire Saree dates back to the Indus valley civilization when it was known as ‘Sattika’. Since then with every passing century, the popularity of the saree has remained consistent. From the Gujarati front pleats to the Bengali Athpourey, we have loved and adapted the sari

Career Katrina

Sana’s Journey: From being Skilled to being Succesful

To know a skill is one thing, but how to earn from the skill is a whole different arena. At VahVah! the students are not just taught the skills of makeup or styling professionals but it also serves as a platform for these skilled students to make a living out

Career Katrina

Mystic By Geeta : Spreading Magic

She who is firm in will mold the world to herself. Geeta, a homemaker, always wanted to do something on her own, always wanted to create a name for herself but did not have a support system helping her to take off towards her dreams. She listened to her heart,

Aparna Pandey

Simple and effective ways to remove Holi Colors

Which one is your favorite Holi song - Rang barse? Balam Pichkari? Or something else. What about your favorite Holi snacks - Gujiya, Puran Poli, Pakode? Holi is just around the corner and I can’t think about anything else other than the festivities of the occasion. I have already

Aparna Pandey

How to choose the perfect foundation shade for Indian skin tones

Indian skin types are perhaps one of the most varied skin types in the world, with a wide range of skin tones. And this varied nature of Indian skin tone makes choosing the right foundation shade, a really important step while applying makeup; a difficult task. Have you ever encountered

Career Katrina

Breaking Stereotypes: Nitin's Makeup Artist Journey

Nitin is a 21-year-old makeup artist and a graduate of Vah Vah! Makeup Academy Professional Makeup Artist Course. Why did he decide to become a professional makeup artist?During his teenage years, he's find himself in front of the mirror, applying makeup and straightening his hair bright and early, every