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Essentials of an HD Makeup Kit

Essentials of an HD Makeup Kit

Aparna Pandey
Aparna Pandey

Over the past few years, HD Makeup has been a growing trend in the makeup industry, it's a classic favorite makeup technique of all celebrity makeup artists as well bridal makeup artists.

What do you mean by HD Makeup?

High Definition Makeup, popularly known as HD Makeup is a trending makeup technique. The most interesting part about this makeup technique is that it helps enhance the features, as it conceals the flaws, like uneven texture, pigmentation, etc., and makes the face camera ready.

10 Must Have Products in Your HD Makeup KIt

Why choose HD Makeup?

HD makeup products mainly consist of compounds like silicon, quartz, crystals, and mice, as these compounds help diffuse the light particles falling on the skin and create the illusion of even skin.

The HD makeup application hides the imperfections of the skin like blemishes, wrinkles, scars, pores, etc., and seamlessly blends together to give a non-cakey, natural, even skin tone.

10 Must Have Products in Your HD Makeup KIt

Choosing the HD Makeup Products

With the current times of growing online presence with video conferences, interviews, etc., the demand of HD makeup has been hitting new heights each day. This growth of the makeup technique has created a higher demand for HD Makeup Products. Though this is a specialized product category in itself, choosing the right product for your HD Makeup Kit can help you ace your HD Makeup game without hampering your budget.

So here is a list of Must Have HD Makeup Products and the points to keep in mind while picking them.

1. Moisturizer

Moisturizer is the baby step of HD Makeup, Air Brush Makeup, or any other makeup application technique. With the high-powered HD Cameras, you can capture all the skin's imperfections. If the skin is not prepped well, the makeup will lose all the charm at the first step itself so a hydrating moisturizer is not to be missed while curating products for your HD Makeup Kit

10 Must Have Products in Your HD Makeup KIt

2. Primer

After moisturizing your skin, primer is the primary step of any makeup application, and therefore, it tops the list of essential products of an HD Makeup Kit. When picking the primer for your HD Makeup Kit, try investing in a primer that minimizes your pores and hydrates the skin. If you're someone who prefers light makeup, choosing a primer with a highlighting effect is a good idea. An Oil-Free Primer will help you achieve a non-cakey look, and help your makeup last longer.

10 Must Have Products in Your HD Makeup KIt

3. Foundation

When it comes to choosing the right foundation for your HD Makeup Kit, you need to keep in mind that HD Makeup aims to make you look great IRL and on screen. If you pick a heavy foundation, it might help cover the pigmentation but will turn cakey in no time. So the best option is to go for an oil-free, lightweight liquid foundation that is not very matte or dewy but rather somewhere in the middle as it will help even out the skin while sustaining the natural look of your skin..

10 Must Have Products in Your HD Makeup KIt

4. Concealer

Concealing is an important step of the makeup application process, making the concealer a bare essential product in the HD Makeup Kit. The Concealer should have high coverage making the scars and blemishes fade away. Also since we want a perfect base the concealer, either cream or liquid based should have a lightweight formula.

10 Must Have Products in Your HD Makeup KIt

5. Contour

Typically, the contour should be 2 shades darker than your original skin tone, but for HD Makeup, it's better to use just 1 shade darker to create a natural soft shadow. You can always try different shades and brands to reach your perfect contour shade. Using the contour you can define facial features like the nose, cheekbones, etc., and pull attention towards them.

Since blending the contour correctly is as important as choosing the right shade, it's advisable to use a cream contour as your must-have HD Makeup Product. If you want a lighter contour, you add a bronzer to your HD Makeup Kit.

10 Must Have Products in Your HD Makeup KIt

6. Setting Powder

Setting powder is another essential product in your HD Makeup Kit. The application of a setting powder will keep the base in place, avoid cakey-ness on the skin and also avoid creasing under the eyes.

HD Makeup promises to make the face camera ready, therefore one should choose a setting powder that is mineral based, and has a mattifying finish to give the perfect setting to your base.

10 Must Have Products in Your HD Makeup KIt

7. Highlighter

For the highlighter as your HD Makeup Product, you can either use a liquid highlighter diluted in a moisturizer or you can go for soft strokes of a lightweight powder highlighter.

10 Must Have Products in Your HD Makeup KIt

8. Blush

The base of the HD Makeup Kit is mostly all liquid, so in order to create a natural flushed look on the cheeks, you can easily go for cream blush as it gives a very subtle shade to the cheeks. It shouldn't be very heavy on the skin and seamlessly blend to create the perfect soft flush on the cheeks.

10 Must Have Products in Your HD Makeup KIt

9. Eye Makeup

A sheen eye primer, powder eyeshadow shades. kohl and a voluminous mascara is all that you need for the HD Makeup Products for your eye makeup. HD Makeup look is all about looking natural yet flawless, so you do not need to go dramatic on the eyes and you can simply use minimal products to create your desired eye makeup.

10 Must Have Products in Your HD Makeup KIt

10. Lips

You can either have nude lips for your HD Makeup or go creative by mixing different textures of matte, gloss, and cream together. Lip Balm is essential for creating long-lasting HD Lips and then for lining and creating a base on the lips, you should pick a nude or a darker shade for the lip pencil.

For the lipstick, you should pick a lighter shade for the lip pencil. For the middle of the Lips, it's advised to pick a shiny gloss to create a super pouty look.

10 Must Have Products in Your HD Makeup KIt


HD Makeup is all about creating a mattifying, sheer yet naturally glowing look, and making your face look flawless on the HD Camera lenses. In order to create the desired look, you require the right products for HD Makeup Kit and these tips will help you choose them without any hustle and tussle.

If you're looking for an HD makeup artist, head to VahVah.Biz, where you choose the makeup artist from your city.