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5 Cool Makeup Looks For Indian Summers

5 Cool Makeup Looks For Indian Summers

Aparna Pandey
Aparna Pandey

Summers are here. These bright and sunny months are perfect to play around with looks that match the colours of the weather. Indian summers are humid in most parts of the country, hence it is also the time when makeup enthusiasts are seeking looks that agree with the hot and humid climate and are comfortable to carry. If you are looking for the coolest makeup looks for this summer, read on.

  1. Go for the less is more, No Makeup look

Skinimalism is the new trend in the makeup world that is perfect for the summer, a look that accentuates your natural beauty with minimal products. In line with the less is more trend this summer, the no-makeup look is perfect for a day outing, brunch, or even a workday in the office. Not only the no-makeup look is light on your skin, but it also allows you to experiment and accentuate your entire look with bright clothes.

This look is quite simple to create, here’s how - a. Prep your skin with a light moisturiser and a liquid-based primer b. Use concealer under the eye, between eyebrows, your cupid bow, and the bridge of your nose, and set it up with setting powder. c. For eyes use waterproof mascara and thin liner, along with waterproof kajal. d. Complete your look with a rosy tint on your cheeks and a nude shade of lipstick.


  1. Raise the style quotient with the Dewy Makeup look

This is another barely-there makeup look for the summers. This goes perfectly well for an outing on a bright sunny summer day. This look too is simple to achieve. Prep your skin with a matte-based primer, apply an illuminating, lightweight foundation to get the dewy base, add a hint of blush don’t go overboard, and finally add reflective highlighters to the highpoints of your face. And voila! There's your dewy makeup look for the perfect summer outing.


  1. Look ravishing with the Smokey Eye Makeup

Summers are the time when you try to get minimal makeup on the face, but that gives you an opportunity to play around with the eyes. The smokey eye makeup look is perfect for a sultry summer evening. Since the highlight of the look is going to be your eyes, use nude or lighter shades on your lips.

Here’s how you get the perfect smokey eye makeup look - a. Use an eyeshadow base, this will ensure your eye makeup stays put. b. Intensify your eyelashes using the Tightlining technique and apply your dark back kajal between your upper lash line and the upper lid contour. c. Amp up the smokey feel with eyeliner and apply a kajal along the upper and lower lashline, while blending it in with a brush to get that perfect smokey look. d. Apply an eyeshadow, and add a highlighter to the highest part of the eyebrows. e. Finally, complete your eye makeup with mascara, make it thick but do not go overboard.


  1. Make a subtle style statement with Soft Peachy Monotones

Light peachy monotones are perfect for the summer season. All that is required to achieve this look is using peachy tones on lips and cheeks while keeping the rest of the look minimal. Peachy pigments go really well and complement the warmth of the Indian skin tone. The Peachy monotone look is the best for those golden hours selfies.


  1. Add a hint of blush with the Rosy Flush Makeup

Have you heard of the saying ‘challenges are opportunities’? This look is just that, let me explain how. Summers are the time when our faces are already flushed due to the heat. So why not use this to our advantage? Accentuating the flushes with rosy blushes is a legit way to get that sun-kissed, beach glow. This look is perfect for a day’s outing during summer.


We love the bright and sunny feel of the summers. The best makeup looks that complement this season are the minimal ones, like the five looks listed above. No matter which of these makeup looks you try this summer, ensure that you apply a good SPF sunscreen and use waterproof makeup.

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