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5 Easy to Create Office Makeup Looks for the Perfect Week

5 Easy to Create Office Makeup Looks for the Perfect Week

Aparna Pandey
Aparna Pandey

Since the lockdown started last year, most of us have been working from home, with our office clothes and accessories locked up in cupboards too. As things get better and offices open slowly, we all have one thing to get excited about - getting all dressed up for our workplaces.

If like me, you love wearing different looks every day and are looking to find some interesting ones for your workweek, read on. In this article, I will share 5 super easy looks to create for every day of the week.

Have a Beautiful Week - Office Looks For Each Day of the Week

Beat the Monday Blues with this Bold look

Don’t dread Mondays, rather beat it with this bold look with matte red lipstick. But make sure you don’t overdo it, and keep it professional. While you choose the shade red, ensure that the rest of your look is muted and use other makeup products sparingly. A coat of mascara and some light contouring will be enough to complete this look which is perfect to start your week.

Have a Traditional Tuesday With This Kohl Eyes Look

There’s nothing easier than pulling off the simple Kohl-eyed look with subtle makeup, bindi, and a classy traditional kurta. Something that Deepika Padukone wore in the movie. Start this look with a light foundation to lighten spots and acne. This looks good with a thick eyebrow and fill in your water line. Smudge the kajal on the lower lash line. Use a brown eye shadow, a light blush, and finally a light rosewood shade lipstick to finish the look. You can use any peachy or pink color lipstick.

Make a Statement With the Wednesday Less Is More Look

Sometimes less is more. If you want to keep it simple but elegant, go for this no makeup or natural look that makes a statement. You can start this look with a simple BB cream and then layer it up a little bit with a concealer to get a little concealer under eye some spots. Use a matte eyebrow pencil. Fill in your waterline with flesh or nude eyeliner and end the look with nude lipstick. And, you are done!

Give a Tint of Pink to Your Thursday

This look is very easy to create. You can start with a shade of foundation that matches your skin tone. Fill in your eyebrows to enhance your features. Set your foundation with a compact. Do a bit of contouring below your cheekbones, side of your nose, and forehead to add some dimension to your face. Next, use a peach blusher to add a flush to the apple of your cheek. Spend a little time doing your Mascara, since your makeup is minimal. Line your upper waterline with a kajal. The final step is to use pink lipstick and dab it with the finger so that it stays for long.

Get the TGIF Look for a Perfect Friday

Finally, it’s Friday and you are ready for the weekend. This shimmery look is perfect to end the week in style. Though it’s Friday you still got to keep it professional so don’t go overboard with this look. A glossy lipstick with shimmery eye makeup should be enough to get you through the day. Touch it up a bit in the evening so you are ready for Friday evening as well.

As we start getting to our normal workdays, resetting our routines can be daunting. These looks are not just classy and perfect for work, but they are easy to create too. So go ahead get a head start to your work week with these everyday office looks.  

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