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6 Breath-Taking Party Makeup Looks to Rock in 2022

6 Breath-Taking Party Makeup Looks to Rock in 2022

Aparna Pandey
Aparna Pandey

World is finally adapting back to the normal lifestyle. And a normal lifestyle isn't just about following a busy routine, its much more than that. Its about the get-togethers, the big fat family weddings and of course the parties that last longer than the night.

With the fun and excitement that knocks your door with these parties, also comes the tedious task of choosing the perfect party makeup looks. And the number of times you get confused whether to put up a glam glitter look or go all subtle with nude eyes and matte lips are countless, aren't they?

So we've got you covered with 6 amazing party makeup looks to rock your next party!

1. Rush in Red

Red is Fierce, Red is Powerful, Red is Bold!

Red lips can help you make a stormy entrance to the party and leave your mark. To create one of the most intense party makeup looks, you can opt for a classic red lipstick or go for a deeper shade to match your skin tone. To suit the look, try a perfectly winged eyeliner and a classic mascara, or go for another darker or lighter eyeshadow shade and lengthening eyelashes and complete the look with a ruby blush.


2. Splash of Colors

If you are someone who loves to step out of the box, and wants to try something less mainstream for your next makeup party looks, playing with colors is a great choice. Not only will this look add an edge to your complete look but just learning one style and trying it with different color combinations will help you achieve innumerable makeup ideas, and you'll never run out of options. The look demands a balanced out combination of colors on your eyelids, with a thin eyeliner like the cat-eye style and a much subtle base and lips. To compliment the colorful eyes you can try adding a nude blush and gloss to the nude lips.


3. Smokey Metallica

Smokey eyes have been ruling our hearts for so many years now, and makeup artists all around the globe keep mixing and matching elements to add their special essence to this eye makeup. Lately, adding metallic shades in contrast or matching with the outfit to the smokey eyes is one of the most talked about party makeup looks. Highlighter has a major role to play in this charming makeup look. Since the main focus is one the eyes, well-defined brows, boldly lined kohl and lengthening eyelashes are a must in the look. A liquid lipstick in a soft nude shade with a neat contouring can accentuate the eye makeup.


4. Dewy Chic Temptation

The chic dewy is one classic favorite party makeup looks of all time. The makeup artists play with elements of makeup like highlighter and HD makeup products to create a dewy glow on the face. Since there is no single central focus in this makeup look, soft shades are used on all the parts of the face. A perfectly primed face, with minimal concealing, tinted foundation, natural blush and soft pink lips are the core steps of this adorable dewy party makeup look.


5. Glitter Game On!

Go glittery, go glam!

Glitters are the most common makeup products to be used in a glam makeup look. The use of glitters is not just restricted to application on the eyelids and lips but its also a pretty amazing makeup element to add to the cheeks or sides of the eyes. The core idea of the glitter makeup is to create a simple makeup look and then add all the glam with face glitter.


6. The Nude Palette

Here's one of the Minimalistic-favorite party makeup looks ; the nude palette. Pretty easy to guess, this look is all about using subtle nude shades on all parts of the face and creating a much softer look. The best way to use a nude palette is to go monochrome with the eyes and the lips and add a classic mascara and nude blush to the face.


If you are someone looking to try out such stunning looks, enroll to VahVah! Makeup Institute right away!