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All You Need To Know About Airbrush Makeup

All You Need To Know About Airbrush Makeup

Aparna Pandey
Aparna Pandey

Like every industry, the world of makeup is ever-evolving too. In the makeup world too - with new technologies, techniques, products, and more. If you are a makeup enthusiast you might have heard about airbrush makeup. A makeup technique that has been immensely popular amongst celebrities, is now making headway in the world of bridal and day-to-day makeup as well. if you are someone who wants to try out the airbrush makeup but does not know how to - read on. In this article, I will take you through everything that is to know about the airbrush makeup technique.

What is airbrush makeup?

Simply put, the airbrush technique is a makeup that is done through an airbrush or an air gun or a spray - without touching the face, at all, unlike the regular makeup procedures that involve various brushes, fingers, blenders, etc. The airbrush technique involves an airgun with a cartilage that can hold the makeup products - foundation, primer, etc. Makeup is sprayed on the face using the sprayer as per the amount required.

An airbrush gun

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The makeup is sprayed through nebulisation, which means pressurised air is pumped through a liquid, resulting in it coming out as mist. In this case, the liquid is the liquid makeup product. Depending on the coverage desired, you can choose between a double or single-action airbrush.

Makeup products for airbrush makeup

Airbrush makeup products differ from regular makeup products. The formulations for the airbrush makeup are specifically made to work with an airbrush gun. They are thinner and more watery than regular liquid makeup. Regular liquid makeup products are too thick for an airbrush gun. The airbrush makeup products comprise fine pigments mixed with liquid and can be easily atomised or sprayed through the airgun. There are different types of formulations of the airbrush makeup.

  • Water-based airbrush makeup foundation - this foundation ensures light coverage on the face and is skin-friendly. For long-lasting makeup, you can choose to apply a primer first.
  • Mineral-based airbrush makeup - this is also a skin-friendly, water-resistant, and long-lasting makeup formulation.
  • Silicone-based airbrush makeup - In comparison to the formulations mentioned above, this formulation gives fuller and long-lasting coverage. However, use it with caution since it can feel heavier on the skin. Also, it is an alcohol-based formula it tends to make the skin drier.
  • Besides the three options mentioned above, there are also polymer-water-based and polymer-SD40-alcohol-based makeup. The former gives decent coverage and the latter can help in drying makeup on the face quickly.

The coverage from the airbrush method can vary from sheer to full and is built gradually. That means, unlike traditional makeup products you won't see instant coverage, rather it is something that will come with multiple passes over the skin. MUAs often work on concealing dark circles, hyperpigmentation, etc, before applying the airbrush makeup. Another thing to remember while going for the airbrush technique is moisturising your skin well, otherwise, the makeup can cling to the dry patches.

10 Advantages of airbrush makeup

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Airbrush makeup has become significantly popular recently because of the many advantages it offers. Let’s look at the reasons why airbrush makeup has become a popular choice amongst makeup lovers -

  1. Extensive coverage - The airbrush makeup is flexible coverage - from sheer to full. But it is mostly popular for its full coverage, which is much better than other techniques.
  2. Long-lasting - Being a liquid-based makeup technique, though it takes time to set, it stays on for long hours making it ideal for day-long events like a wedding or a shoot. The best thing is that it negates the need for touch-ups. So once the makeup is done, you are good for any 10-12 hours long event.
  3. Suitable for all skin-type - The fact that the airbrush makeup technique does not require minimum interaction of the makeup products with skin since it creates a layer over the skin - makes it very skin-friendly and suitable for almost all skin types.
  4. Get the perfect blend - In the airbrush technique, the foundation oxidises with the air while it is sprayed. That means the makeup gets well-blended without actually requiring the need of blending it. The makeup takes 15-20 minutes to set and the colour of the makeup to appear. You can experiment with various foundation shades to find the perfect one.
  5. Smudge-proof - In airbrush makeup, the application of makeup is done using an airgun - that ensures that the makeup products do not smudge into each other while application or thereafter.
  6. Water-proof - Airbrush makeup is waterproof and will not wash away due to sweat or water and will stay on until removed with a tissue.
  7. Conceals fine lines and wrinkles - Airbrush makeup is great to conceal wrinkles and fine lines, without your face looking cakey, due to the layer of makeup is created over the face.
  8. Get an HD makeup look - The makeup products are evenly spread on the base giving an impeccable and smooth and natural-looking finish, much like what you get in the HD makeup look.
  9. Little product goes a long way - Since the products are applied in form of a liquid mist, you do not have to apply layers and layers of makeup. The airbrush makeup gives extensive coverage, with minimal product usage.
  10. Look photogenic all day long - The airbrush makeup allows the reflection of a minimum amount of light, making it a photographer's favourite. It’s perfect to use when you are planning to be in a place with harsh lights or a daytime outdoor event.

When to choose airbrush makeup?

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Airbrush makeup is an amazing technique, but if you are wondering whether it is for you or not, here are a few pointers that will help you decide. You should go for the airbrush makeup technique if -

  1. You already have a blemish or pigmentation-free skin and need bare minimum makeup to just prim it up.
  2. You have sensitive skin and do not want to go for layers of makeup applied to your face.
  3. If you have oily skin then this is the perfect makeup for you since it lasts longer and prevents the secretion of oil from the pores.
  4. Foundation gives a cakey feel to your skin then choose airbrush makeup because it requires just a bare minimum of product to give full coverage.
  5. If you want makeup to last on your skin for 10-12 hours without requiring you to go for touch-ups. So, airbrush makeup is perfect for weddings or shoots.

Wrapping up

As a makeup artist, I am always excited to try out new and innovative makeup techniques. Airbrush makeup is one such. What I like most about this technique is that it is innovative, simple, and effective. If you were wondering how to get started with the airbrush technique, I hope this article helped you with the basics. Now is the time to go try it!
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