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An artist at heart: Shreeparna Roy

An artist at heart: Shreeparna Roy

Career Katrina
Career Katrina

Be it makeup or music, Shreeparna’s heart has always been a home to art. Shreeparna Roy is a professional singer, Anchor, wife, mother, and now a phenomenal makeup artist.

Shreeparna started off her career in the music industry long back, and her growth in the industry motivated her to join the professional makeup course by VahVah! and today Shreeparna has been topping the VahVah.Biz most viewed makeup chart for 3months now.  

Being a popular personality, every now and then Shreeparna would have to attend gala events, and hiring a makeup artist every time was a task. She decided to learn professional makeup, but it wasn’t easy for her to attend physical classes with her ongoing schedule and covid restrictions, so she researched about makeup courses online and eventually landed at the VahVah! website. While hovering over our social media one of the videos by our course director, Aparna Pandey appealed to her so much that she immediately decided to enroll in the course.

Shreeparna is a makeup enthusiast, and this new experience of learning the makeup and practicing it simultaneously helped her understand the course with great efficiency right from the start. Every day, Shreeparna would eagerly wait for the class to begin, every look she created, and every compliment she got, motivated her to do greater as a makeup learner. The motivation wasn't just limited to creating stunning makeup looks, but the course also made her take better care of her skin and hair. She understood the importance of prepping up the skin, using the makeup products in the right order, skin types and so much more about makeup.

Upon the successful completion of the professional makeup course, she was quick to enroll in the hairstyling course as well. She learned a range of basic to beautiful elite hairstyles. Now, every time she has a show coming up, she wouldn't have to worry about searching for a makeup artist to help her. From the basic makeup for an everyday office look to the glam and glitzy look for her shows, she could do it all by herself.

Pageantry was yet another field that awaited Shreeparna and her makeup skills. With her confident self, and makeup artistry skills she participated in the Dazzle Mrs. India International 2021 & Mrs. Kolkata India International 2021, and was crowned as the winner. This got a direct exposure in her city as well as  different media channels.

Shreeparna has become a VahVah! Certified Makeup and Hair Artist now. She plans to open her own salon in the future, but even now whenever she gets the time she tried out new creative looks and is the go-to makeup expert for every friend and family member. After Shreeparna’s testimonial looks, the people around her have also approached VahVah! To join the range of styling and makeup courses we offer.