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Two decades of being a makeup artist

Two decades of being a makeup artist

Career Katrina
Career Katrina
They say it’s never too late to learn, and Aruna S is a real-life testimony to this statement.

Aruna has been running a makeup salon for almost two decades now and her immense love for makeup is what got her to enroll in VahVah! Makeup Institute.

Almost a year ago, during the lockdown period, Aruna came to know about the makeup course offered by VahVah! via the internet. The course catalog, available testimonials, expert videos on YouTube, and one-on-one counseling were what led her to the registration. The ease of having all the classes online made her even more interested in the course, as she could manage her salon, look after her house, and learn makeup all at once. Since VahVah! provides the courses in five different languages (Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu) the ease of learning makeup in Kannada, was a cherry on the cake for her.

Her family was always supportive of her career in makeup and that's how she got motivated to go ahead with the course. Before joining the course, Aruna provided beauty services but was not very proficient with the makeup artistry. With VahVah! Makeup course not only did she learn the insights of different makeup techniques but also learned about how different products work differently for each skin type. Having enrolled in the hairstylist course she also learned the basics to advanced levels of hairstyling to go along with the makeup looks she created.

During the course duration, Aruna also learned the skills of how to attract and manage her clients. The relationship building with her clients helped create a trusted bond and attain a good reputation among her client circle.

After the completion of the makeup artist course, she was proud to flex her certification at the salon, which eventually resulted in an increase in her customer count. From doing one makeup in 1-2 months to doing at least 1-2 makeup every week, her monthly income went up straight to 40-50k a month. Not only did she offer services at her salon but also started traveling to the customer locations on her two-wheeler whenever needed.

This boost in the figures and positive feedbacks by her customers acted as her motivation to enroll in the nail artist course at VahVah! She explored the horizons of creativity and her passion for makeup and today, she has become an all-rounder, a certified makeup artist, an excellent hairstylist, and a budding nail artist.

She has established a name for her salon in the area. Glam Party makeup, an aesthetic bridal look, a messy knotted bun hairstyle, she can do it all. Her success has not just benefitted her but also inspired others around her to learn makeup.

To get yourself a booking with Aruna, or to read about her client appreciation stories head to