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Breaking Stereotypes: Nitin's Makeup Artist Journey

Breaking Stereotypes: Nitin's Makeup Artist Journey

Career Katrina
Career Katrina

Nitin is a 21-year-old makeup artist and a graduate of Vah Vah! Makeup Academy Professional Makeup Artist Course.

Why did he decide to become a professional makeup artist?

During his teenage years, he's find himself in front of the mirror, applying makeup and straightening his hair bright and early, every morning before school. Growing up, beauty and glamor have always been his great passions  They gave him motivation! In particular, makeup gave him the chance to express his creativity in so many ways!

He always loved to experiment with makeup and recreate all types of dazzling looks. Over time, he began doing makeup on other people, as well as styling hair. Women would end up with a smile on their face every time they saw the finished results. Ever since then, he knew that I wanted to make other people look and feel their best! Being a Pro MUA gives him that opportunity.

How was Nitin's experience with the course and how did it helped him grow as an artist?

"My experience with Vah Vah! has been amazing! I’ve never been more excited to learn anything in my life. During my time in this course, I would always set goals for myself. For example: I’d set a goal for when I wanted to turn in an assignment, or set a goal for how much time I’d practice on a particular assignment. If I was unhappy with how a makeup look turned out, I’d also challenge myself to get better and better. I’d refuse to submit my work until I felt it was truly ready, and would end up trying again." , Nitin.

What are Nitin's top career goals as a makeup artist?

One of his top career goals as a makeup artist is to be able to travel all around the country, doing other people’s makeup. In addition to bridal makeup, he also want to target more clients interested in editorial and fashion makeup applications.