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Achieve your dream Bridal Avatar with these 5 terrific Red Bridal Eye Makeup Looks

Achieve your dream Bridal Avatar with these 5 terrific Red Bridal Eye Makeup Looks

Aparna Pandey
Aparna Pandey

Red Bridal Eye Makeup is a hit trend for the brides of 2022. Most girls start visualizing and saving their favourite bridal inspirations, years before they are actually ready to get married. They invest in years just to put together the final dazzling look at the D-Day. From the designer lehenga designs, to the bridal makeup, the bridal hairstyles and lately the bridal nail and mehndi designs, almost every girl can present you an hour long presentation on these topics.

What you'll find common in all those much researched compilations and presentations is the color of love; Red Color. Yes, the color red is a has a high importance in the bridal couture and thus a bridal trousseau can never miss out  on this color.

Why Red Color is so Important to brides?

Following the current fashion trends, a bride might now want to cover herself in a single shade of Red, from top to bottom. But, if you take a closer look, there would be something or the other that signifies the presence of red in her look. It can a part of the outfit, accessories, the bangles or the bewitching red bridal eye makeup.

Red is an auspicious color in a lot of cultures and religions, it is believed to bring it good fortune, vitality, celebration and prosperity. So what better way to knot such a sacred bond of love with this color.

Red Bridal Eye Makeup is a talk of the town in 2022 amongst the bridal makeup artists. With their skills of creativity, technique, and essence of perfection, they are experimenting with the color and creating looks that must be present in your bridal eye makeup inspiration look-book.

So here are a five stunner ideas to add to your list of red bridal eye makeup looks

1.Glitzy Cut Crease

Glittery Cut Crease is one of the most go-to eye makeup idea for any party makeup. When it comes to bridal makeup, a simple red base with a layer of cut creased glitter eyeshadow can be the perfect red bridal eye makeup look. You can always experiment by applying different shades of red for both the glitter pigment as well as the base eyeshadow shade.


2.The Magic of Red and Black

Red and Black are two colors that are made for each other, just like you and your soon to be husband! The combination of these two shades can accentuate your overall bridal look if applied right. The simplest way to use these shades in the eye makeup is by applying a multi-hued red eyeshadow on the eyelid, a thick layer of Kajal on both the upper and lower waterlines and finally completing the red bridal eye makeup with mascara and a smudged out red eyeshadow on the edge of the lower waterline.

3.Gold Rush

After Red, Gold is the most sought after shade in the bridal couture. The main perk of adding gold to any makeup, is the glitz and glam it adds to even the most boring makeup looks. If you're opting to go all red on your wedding lehenga, then a hint of gold in your eye makeup is the perfect contrast.

Not only will gold sparkles break the monotony of your look, but will also add an highlight of richness and royalty, perfectly balanced by glamour.


4.The Ombre Love

The Ombre trend has already made a comeback in the makeup industry. From Hair to Toe Nails, an Ombre design can make anything look - WOAH!!!

So why should the bridal eyes limit to monotones? Ombre style gives a huge scope to mix and match with colors to get your perfect eye makeup. For a red bridal eye makeup you can either go for different warm shades or you can pick a combination of warm and cool tones.

5.Sensational Smokey Eyes

Smokey Eye Makeup is by far the sexiest eye makeup to exist. For the brides who are not a huge fan of black, a brick red Smokey eye makeup look can be a savior. You can customize the look as per your choice, by keeping it monotoned or add different shades and use a dark shade of red to give the smokey effect.


Final Word

Red Bridal Eye Makeup Look can uplift your look if done right, but can also make the look tacky, if the shades of red used are not right. So choosing the perfect shades is as important as choosing the perfect bridal eye makeup look.

If you're looking for a bridal makeup artist in your city or close to it, head to

And if you want to learn how to create these amazing looks, sign up for the professional makeup course today!