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CA Deepali's Makeup Artist Journey: Balancing Passion with Profession

CA Deepali's Makeup Artist Journey: Balancing Passion with Profession

Career Katrina
Career Katrina

“The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.” – Fabienne Fredrickson.

Inspired by this quote is the makeup artist journey of Deepali Garg, a Chartered Accountant by Profession, and a true makeup enthusiast by heart.

From the early years of her teenage, Deepali had her heart into beauty and makeup. She enjoyed not just the looks she created but she was always curious about the techniques used to create the look. Her makeup creativity was always something everyone around her admired. Even without having any technical makeup knowledge Deepali created awesome makeup looks.

The irony was that though others thoroughly loved her makeup, Deepali wasn’t always satisfied by the looks she created. She always felt like there was a missing note to her makeup compositions.

After college, Deepali turned her focus totally toward becoming a successful chartered accountant. Once she became a CA, and eventually a mother of two kids Deepali never really got the time to nurture her makeup artistry. Her makeup love got limited to special occasions.

During the times of Covid, when the country went under lockdown, like everyone else Deepali started her work from home. The WFH routine gave her ample free time for self-care, and without a second thought, Deepali picked her mode of self-care; A Makeup Course.

She searched the internet for available online makeup courses and VahVah Makeup Institute was among the top search results. She dug in deep to know about the course and signed up for an online demo class.

The demo class was intriguing enough for Deepali to know her calling. She signed up for the VahVah Makeup Course. Right from the start of her professional makeup course, Deepali focussed especially on the techniques of the makeup looks being taught in the class. Due to the small batch size, her trainer gave her enough attention during and post the classes.

Knowing that Deepali was learning professional makeup, her family was always supportive. As soon as she started posting her class homework on her Instagram profile, her friends, extended family members, and even people she barely knew wanted to be the model for her makeup assignments. Overjoyed by the reactions, Deepali made sure she always did all the assignments on a model and captured those marvelous makeup looks in pretty pictures for their social media profiles.

Deepali started getting calls for bookings, even before she could complete her makeup certification. Post the successful completion of her course, Deepali also enrolled in the Hair Styling Course offered by VahVah.

She was comparatively new to hair styling, but regular practice and her enthusiasm to learn helped her make a way. Soon she started excelling in this course as well.

Today, Deepali is a certified professional makeup artist. Due to her busy life as a Chartered Accountant and a Mother, she hasn’t yet been able to explore her makeup skills on a professional front. But she aspires to try her magical makeup skills professionally whenever she gets the opportunity and right time.

If you relate to Deepali’s love for makeup and want to learn professional makeup techniques, sign up with VahVah today.