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How to choose a makeup school: 7 tips to find the best makeup school for the success of your career

How to choose a makeup school: 7 tips to find the best makeup school for the success of your career

Career Katrina
Career Katrina

Makeup is an art that requires creativity and skills and becoming successful as a makeup artist will need honing both these aspects. Like any other profession, finding the right mentor can be a decisive move towards the success of your career as a makeup artist. Choosing the right makeup school is the stepping stone towards this journey. There are hundreds of makeup schools in India and choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Fret not,  in this article, we will give you quick tips for finding the right makeup school, that will help you become a successful makeup artist.

#Tip 1: Plan your career and choose a makeup course accordingly

A makeup artist can choose many careers, from beauticians to cosmetologists, celebrity makeup artists, bridal makeup artists, and more, the choices are plenty. It is important to know where you want to land up.  Researching the strength of the courses and specializations a makeup school offers can help you choose the right course in line with your ambition. At Vah Vah, our  Professional Makeup Artist Course provides a 2 months comprehensive training in party makeup, bridal makeup as well as fashion makeup. Learn more about our course here.

#Tip 2: Intensity of the curriculum

Learning professional makeup skills requires a lot of hard work both in theory and practical. The more intensive the course is, the better it is for enhancing your skill. The makeup school you choose should enable you to get prepared for the rigor of the industry. That would mean the curriculum should cover both in-depth theory and practical knowledge. At Vah Vah, our Pro-makeup artist course covers both these aspects in great detail.

Listen from one of our lead trainers, Aparna - how with the Pro-MUA course we groom you to become a successful makeup artist.

#Tip 3: Expertise of the trainers

Any training school is as good as its mentors. It is a critical factor that should guide your choice of a makeup school. The key aspects that you can consider about the trainers can be - their number of years of industry experience, the quality of their experience and finally what the previous students say about learning from the trainers. At Vah Vah, our trainers have extensive industry experience that helps them to impart practical and niche skills and also enhance your creativity. Our students love our trainers, and that of course isn’t a surprise.

#Tip 4: Support beyond the curriculum

A good makeup school will provide support beyond the listed curriculum. It is important to understand the support system that a makeup school will provide in terms of clearing doubts, practicals,  building a portfolio, career counseling, and more. At Vah Vah, we offer ample practicals, direct coaching, and 1 on 1 feedback by our trainers. But our interaction does not end with the training class, our students can join our vibrant and active student & teachers community through WhatsApp and discuss various makeup-related subjects. We also offer proper career counseling and placement support so that our students land their dream jobs or start their entrepreneurship journey as soon as they complete the course. We also provide a professional Makeup Kit worth ₹25,000 for our students, completely FREE.

Professional Makeup Kit for Pro MUA Course

#Tip 5: Flexibility of learning

The flexibility of the schedule and methodology of the course will help you learn comfortably. Further, if you are not in the same city as your make-up school how do you access the course? Taking these into consideration will be important while choosing a make-up school. Especially, in a digital era where physical learning spaces are slowly becoming redundant. At Vah Vah, we are on a mission to give best-in-class training in makeup and ensure our students are job-ready by the end of the course. Further, we provide online training in micro-batches. Which given the flexibility to the students to join a course at per their convenience and time from the comfort of their home. Along with this we also offer training in both Hindi and English, students can join a batch in a language that is more comfortable for them

Enroll in the Pro-MUA course here.

#Tip 6: Certification

While to start as a make-up artist you will not need an equivalent of a license, but to land up a job after the completion of the course, will require professional certifications. Irrespective of whether you start your career as a freelancer or join a makeup company, certification will help showcase your credibility in the market. While choosing a makeup school, it is important to find out the kind of certifications the makeup school will provide.  At Vah Vah, we provide professional completion certification for both our courses. We also offer personalized recommendations for our students and that can help them boost their professional portfolio.

#Tip 7: Monetary consideration

A makeup school can range from 5K to 5 L. While you might not want to overspend on the course, underspending can mean choosing a substandard school. It is critical to find a make-up school that falls under your optimal budget and is worth the money. Even if you pay slightly higher than what you intended to, ensure it is for a very good reason be it the quality of training or the placement opportunity the makeup school offers. At Vah Vah, right now we are offering a 40% discount on our Pro-MUA course and along with it a FREE Pro makeup kit to start your makeup journey.

Enroll in our courses here.

Being successful as a makeup artist will require you to be passionate about the industry, be creative, and have the right professional skills. While passion and creativity can get you started, skills will ensure you have a soaring career ahead. Choosing the right makeup school can not just help you to get the right skills, but also guide you to build a great career.

Start your journey of being a makeup artist today. Request for a free demo.