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How to Start Your Own Beauty Salon - Your Key Questions Answered

How to Start Your Own Beauty Salon - Your Key Questions Answered

How to start their beauty salon? What is the investment required? What kind of licenses are needed? How you can set up your beauty salon after you finish your makeup artist course

Aparna Pandey
Aparna Pandey

Most makeup professionals at some time or the other have wanted to start their own beauty business. Makeup artistry is one of those professions where you can become a successful entrepreneur if you have the passion and the right planning. Over the last 15 years, as a professional makeup artist and as a trainer I have met and worked with many makeup professionals who have started their own makeup business and succeeded at it fabulously. But, as tempting as it sounds, it can be daunting and there are a lot of questions that can hover in your mind when you are starting off. After finishing their makeup course, most of my students come and ask me questions like - How to start their beauty salon? What is the investment required? What kind of licenses are needed? Etc. So, in this article, I want to talk about how you can set up your beauty salon after you finish your makeup artist course. Read on.

How to Start Your Beauty Salon - How to Start and Succeed

Choose Your Specialization

After you finish your professional makeup course a lot of doors open in front of you. At Vah Vah, we train students to become professional makeup artists and professional hairstylists. If you want you can choose to start a beauty salon that is both for makeup and hair or you could choose to specialize in one. While you are starting your salon, I will advise you to choose a specialization and build your brand on it and then add services as you grow. Take for example Jawed Habib’s studio - which is known for hairstyling but also offers other services. Similarly, Shehnaz Hussain Salons' USP is skincare but they offer other services too. So, choose what you love to do the most and then prepare a plan accordingly.

Choose Between Building Your Brand or Opting for an Established Franchise

Once you choose your area of interest, there are two ways of starting a beauty salon - either you can start your brand or you can take a franchise. The investments for both are different. To start from your home you will need a minimum investment of approximately 40,000/-. If you go for a franchise you will need an investment of 10L and above. In an earlier article, we have covered the topic of what is the right investment to start your beauty business. This will help you get a fair understanding of what kind of investments that you will need. You can read the article here.

Do Your Research and Plan for Investments

Once you decide on your specialization do some research on the market, services, location, and the investments needed. While you are deciding on the amount of investment that will be required, it is important to consider all the cost heads. The cost heads that you will need to consider will be - rent, equipment, cosmetics and beauty products, furniture, and other infrastructure-related costs. Apart from this, basis the scale of the salon you want to start, you will need to consider resource cost as well

If you don’t want to take a loan you can also start small from your house. A lot of my students have started their salon businesses right from their houses and have succeeded. If you want to bootstrap your business you can start small from your home and as your client base grows you can invest in a place. If you don't have the finances you can go for a small business loan. Nowadays there are a lot of cooperative banks that help small business owners get a loan. Another way is getting a gold loan, for which you won’t have to depend on a bank. As more and more people are getting into their small businesses, it has become easier for people to get a loan and fulfill their dream. You can also approach an angel investor to invest in your business.

Decide the Right Vendors and Suppliers

Once you have finalised all of the above the next important factor will be choosing the right vendors and suppliers. It will be critical to choose the vendors, compare services, and then partner with vendors who will ensure quality products at an optimum price. While you are starting you might want to go for value for money vendors for your infrastructural requirements. However, I will strongly advise you to never-ever compromise on the quality of beauty products you use for your clients. It will help you build trust and loyalty right from the start of your business.

Licenses That You Will Need

The most important thing that people ask me is about the licenses needed to start the business. To start a beauty salon in India you will need the below licenses -

  • Registration of the business.
  • PAN (Permanent Account Number) and TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number).
  • Fire NOC
  • Registration under Shops and Establishments Act
  • GSTIN Registration
  • Professional Tax Registration
  • Trade License
  • Labour law Registrations
  • Pollution control board intimation for white category status
  • License for playing music or videos that you play inside your salon

While you are planning  - it will also be important to consider the time, resources, and investments needed to get the above licenses. I will advise you to hire a legal advisor when you are planning to start your salon, especially if you are planning to take a place and build your salon on a large scale.

In Conclusion

Having your own business is exciting but stressful too if not planned right. I always tell my students to start building their client base and portfolio while doing their course and not waiting to finish it and then planning their careers. These two things will be the most important aspects for your salon business to succeed. At Vah Vah in our professional makeup artist course, we give our students career counseling so that they are ready for any type of career they want to choose and ensure that they are ready for success.