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It's never too late to start: Sangeeta's Professional Makeup Journey

It's never too late to start: Sangeeta's Professional Makeup Journey

Career Katrina
Career Katrina

Beautician for almost a decade, a dedicated homemaker, and a hard-working lady are the words that perfectly describe the talented VahVah! certified makeup artist, Mrs. Sangeeta Sen. She has recently topped the charts for the top 10 makeup artists with the highest profile views on the VahVah Business Platform.

Sangeeta since her teens, associated herself with makeup and beauty. Before joining the professional makeup artist course by VahVah! Makeup Institute, Sen used to work as an assistant at her friend's salon. She worked there for almost 10 years, providing basic beautician services like threading, facials, hair cuts, etc. until one day when she decided she wanted to become a professional makeup artist.

Initially, when Sangeeta assisted her friend, she barely knew anything about professional makeup. It was in May 2021, when Sangeeta fed her zeal to learn makeup and took a baby step towards becoming a professional makeup artist, by searching for makeup courses around her. She was skeptical if online makeup learning would teach her something, so she enrolled in the demo class and after the class, she was mesmerized by the interactive and informative formative of learning provided by VahVah!

Though it wasn't easy for her to convince her family the same, but her motivation and dedication helped her. It was the first time since her college days that she was actually attending a class and that too online. Sangeeta loved her very first session and all the others that followed. She eagerly waited for each session, practiced regularly, and surprised her family skeptics with her tremendous improvement in makeup skills with each passing day.

During the sessions, Sangeeta learned not only professional makeup skills but also the special focus on photography, client relationship building, and management helped her seek and retain clients. She also learned how different skin tones and skin textures, require specialized attention. Apart from the regular classes, the special expert sessions of Josh Club are provided by VahVah! helped her learn everything about beauty, makeup, and beyond.

Be it her friends, family, or her co-students, everyone loved her work. She started getting professional makeup orders even before her certification was completed. Overjoyed, she took up the orders with full enthusiasm and provided her customers with the magic of excellent professional makeup artistry.

From earning 3-4k a month to earning 10-12k a month by freelancing as a professional makeup artist, Sangeeta has come a long way. She drives her vehicle to travel to the customer's location and aims to provide them with the best of her makeup and beauty services. Mrs. Sangeeta Sen has created a name for herself and aspires to own a makeup salon one day.

Even after a year of her course completion, she still is in touch with her teachers and doesn't hesitate to ask her doubts about makeup and beauty.

Sangeeta went from assisting someone in beauty services to becoming a professional makeup artist in just a couple of months. If you have a similar love for makeup and want to earn a name and become a professional makeup artist, then register today to join team VahVah!

And if you wish to book Sangeeta for your next event head to Sangeetha Sen Makeup Artistry.