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Key Factors to Consider While Choosing a Bridal Makeup Artist

Key Factors to Consider While Choosing a Bridal Makeup Artist

Aparna Pandey
Aparna Pandey

In India, weddings are a grand affair. So much so, that we have a wedding season. And why not? With our rich traditions and ceremonies weddings are often the biggest of festivals. There are hundreds of things that need to be done and everything is of utmost importance. One such thing is bridal makeup. Of all the things that go around during a wedding choosing a bridal makeup artist shouldn’t be something that should be difficult. Over the years I have trained many bridal makeups artists and also done makeup for many brides. In this article, I will share the key factors you should consider to choose the perfect makeup artist for your wedding. Read on.

Find the Perfect Match - Tips to Choose the Best Bridal Makeup Artist

Plan ahead

In India, during the wedding season, hundreds of weddings are happening at the same duration. People start booking wedding artists months in advance. If you do not plan ahead you can miss the bridal makeup artist that you want for your D-day. So start as early as possible. After all, you will have to research, try out a couple of bridal artists, fix prices and more, before you finalise the artist. Plan for all of this and then reverse calculate the days you will need to get everything done and start looking for the bridal makeup artist accordingly.

Reviews matter

Gone are the days when your options of bridal makeup artists were limited to your regular beautician or makeup artist. Makeup artistry is a burgeoning field and so are the number of professionals joining this sector. So much so that you will be spoilt for choices. Therefore it becomes even more critical to spend time and choose well. In the digital world, every makeup artist has a website or a social media page where they showcase their work. Look for the testimonials they get. However, don’t read too much into the pictures posted on social media. With filters, the images look much more enhanced than they were in reality. Instead, if the makeup artist has tagged the clients on social media, get in touch with the clients and personally ask about their experience.

Ask questions

When you meet them ask a lot of questions, and not just their costs and availability. It might sound like you are being anal, but that’s the need of the hour. Ask about the products they use, the clients they cater to, see their catalog, ask about how they went about creating a particular look. Check if they have a team, the experience of the team, and more. Don’t hesitate to clear all your doubts while you are communicating with the makeup artist.


Don’t rely on words alone. Ensure to meet the makeup artist in their studio. Observe the kind of products they keep, how they treat their customers, how many customers are there. If possible speak to some customers.  Doing this will give you a lot of understanding of the quality and the way the makeup artists and their team works.

Trials are a must

Most of the time we end up doing trials only with the makeup artist we are going to finalise. It is almost like keeping all our eggs in one basket. Instead do trials with some shortlisted makeup artists to be extra sure. Everything that glitters is not gold. Sometimes we are impressed with what the makeup artists show us. We end up either skipping a trial or just doing a trial with that one makeup artist whom we finalise. But it can be risky. It is always better to get a hands-on experience with some shortlisted makeups artists and then finalise one.

Examine the products

Ask the makeup artists about the products that they use. Ensure that you tell them if you have any skin allergies or conditions. Tell them if you prefer any other cosmetic brands than what they use. This is when you must also ask them about the other utilities they will use - brushes blenders, etc. Given the times we are in, it will make sense for you to ask the makeups artist to use an entirely new set of makeup products - including the brushes, etc. for you and the cost implications of doing that.

Hygiene factor and COVID protocols

Hygiene practices have always been an important factor in the makeup industry. Post the pandemic it has become the most important one. Ask them what are their COVID precautions protocol? How do they ensure their products are sanitised? Look for how they are managing hygiene in their studio or parlor. That will also give you a fair understanding of the hygiene practices they follow and how diligently they do it.

The cost factor

The cost will also play an important role while choosing a makeups artist. Weddings are costly affairs and you will have to plan for a budget for everything, including a makeup artist. Have a budget and then look for the artists accordingly - this will save your time and also save you from surprises after you have put in a lot of effort into analysing the makeup artist only to find that they are too expensive.

Get comfortable

This is one factor that is not given a lot of importance. People often think that it is just a job. But it is much more than that. For you, it’s an extremely important and emotional day. You will feel a lot of emotions - all at once. Makeup will be the most important factor that will decide how you end up looking on the big day. You will need a makeup artist, who makes you feel comfortable and assures you that nothing will go wrong at least in the makeup department. It’s your day hence it will also be important you choose a makeup artist who matches your temperament and understand your needs and does what is best for you.

Brides start preparing for their wedding day for months together in advance, from the jewelry to wedding dress to makeup - everything has to be perfect. After all, it is one of the best days of their life. Choosing the perfect makeup artist who has good experience, understands your requirements, and matches your temperament will be critical. I hope the above-mentioned will help you find your perfect match. At Vah Vah, we train our students to become best of the makeup professionals. Find out more about our professional makeup course here.