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Lalita’s Makeup Journey :
 Turning weaknesses into strengths

Lalita’s Makeup Journey : Turning weaknesses into strengths

Career Katrina
Career Katrina

Growth doesn't come entirely by attaining knowledge about a particular skill, rather it's a mix of the ability to confront and overcome the problems faced by the individual and brainstorming for the most creative ideas for execution.

Lalita Khati, a VahVah certified makeup artist’s story is what perfectly explains growth as a makeup professional.

Lalita wasn’t new to makeup artistry when she learned about VahVah! Makeup Academy. She owned a makeup salon in Delhi and had a handful of customers from her area. What she lacked was never creativity or passion, but guidance on how to deal with customers and how to prosper in the industry.

At VahVah from her first day, she was taught everything right from the basics of skin types and skin tones, about the wide variety of products to suit a particular individual, and finally to creating a stunning bridal look on her final exam. Her experience in makeup helped her grab onto things quickly and soon she started practicing the looks she learned in class on the salon customers. With positive feedback from the customers and constructive analysis from her teachers at VahVah!, her confidence boosted up real quick.

Slowly and gradually, she also learned the art of communicating and relationship building with her customers. Once her course was complete and she was a VahVah! Certified makeup artist, she worked to build herself an exquisite portfolio and flaunt her makeup skills on

Today, Lalita and her salon have prospered in terms of the customer base as well as her services and artistry. Customer satisfaction and relationships, which were once her weakness are now her forte.

Lalita excels in creating stunning bridal makeovers, and party looks and is providing her service in Delhi, NCR as well as outside the region. To book yourself a slot or view her splendid portfolio head to Colors by Lalita