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From Haldi, Mehndi to Reception - Perfect Makeup Looks for your Wedding Ceremony

From Haldi, Mehndi to Reception - Perfect Makeup Looks for your Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding is almost here you’re still undecided about your looks or the various functions? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are five looks for all your bridal events, so sit back and take notes.

Aparna Pandey
Aparna Pandey

Wedding season is almost here. It’s that time of the year when brides are already blushing and glowing. From engagement to reception, brides go the extra mile to ensure everything is perfect, and why not? It is after all the most special occasion of their life. Over the years I have done makeup for many brides, some are giggly, some are shy and some are jumping with joy. One thing that I always tell my students is that makeup that they do for the clients should not just complement their dress, but their personality too. It should become a part of who they are so that they can carry it with confidence. From haldi to reception every ritual is different and requires a different look. In this article, I will bring to you the best makeup looks for every ceremony.

From Haldi to Reception - Makeup Looks to Make Every Ceremony Extra Beautiful

Makeup for Engagement

Engagement is the prelude to the beautiful journey you are about to embark on. In most traditions, unlike weddings, the engagement will be a simple affair, with close-knit family and friends. It is also a little more casual than the wedding. As the occasion demands, I would suggest keeping the engagement look as simple and elegant as possible. Going for a blushed or natural makeup look and accentuating your glow should be enough to create the magic on your engagement day. We know you are blushing, but add a hint of pink to highlight that elegance. For eyes go for heavy mascara and shimmer pink eye shadows.

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Makeup for Mehndi Ceremony

The mehndi ceremony is another close-knit family ceremony in most cases. You will also have the mehndi artist applying elaborate mehndi on your hand and in some cases foot and legs too. This day will need sitting for long hours and can get strenuous. I will advise you to go for a simple makeup which you will be able to carry for long hours. You can choose to go for the dewy face. It is perfect because it is neither too much nor too little. Add a pale pink eyeshadow, go for a clear mascara, and a light lip gloss. This will give you that light and effortless, no-frill, and comfortable look.

Makeup for Haldi Ceremony

Haldi ceremony is one of the most fun ceremonies during the wedding. In most cases, the haldi ceremony will be happening outdoors under the sun. So before everything else ensure you apply sunscreen. Also, you will have haldi smudged on your face, so it will make sense to not go overboard with the makeup. Choose a light base of foundation and concealer if you must. Use liquid foundation, the powder ones might get messy with haldi being applied to your face. But absolutely experiment with your eyes (with a waterproof eye makeup kit). Use bright colours to look fresh.

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Makeup for Sangeet Ceremony

Sangeet ceremony is again a lot of fun with a lot of music and dance. You will be dancing and your face might get sweaty. That is why choosing a matte finish makeup will be important. Dewy or shiny makeup might make your face look too oily. This is going to be an elaborate ceremony, in most cases in the evening. Don’t shy away from going bold. Bronze or copper eye shadow with bold lipstick will make you the perfect to-be bride.

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Makeup for the D-day

Makeup for your wedding day will be inspired by your traditions. So, in this article, we won’t elaborate on wedding day makeup. At Vah Vah, we train our students to create every kind of makeup look - North Indian, South Indian, Punjabi, Muslim wedding, and more. Explore our website to know more about the course and the bridal looks our students are trained to create.

Makeup for Reception

This is going to be your first event after your wedding. Most probably you would want to match your outfit with your partner. Your makeup will depend on how elaborate or simple your outfit is. However, this event is going to be as grand as your wedding, so your makeup will also have to reflect that. Your makeup will have to be as elaborate as your wedding day, if not more. Don’t shy away from a heavy mascara, shimmery-eyed and winged eyeliner look either with dark lipstick or a lighter shade, and a hint of blush.

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Choosing the best look for every ceremony can be exciting yet tedious and confusing. I hope this article gives you some inspiration to choose the makeup look that suits you the best. At Vah Vah, we teach our students to create every kind of bridal look and makeup for every kind of event. Some of our students are now extremely successful bridal makeup artists. You can find out more about our courses and the looks our students create on our website.