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Sana’s Journey: From being Skilled to being Succesful

Sana’s Journey: From being Skilled to being Succesful

Career Katrina
Career Katrina

To know a skill is one thing, but how to earn from the skill is a whole different arena. At VahVah! the students are not just taught the skills of makeup or styling professionals but it also serves as a platform for these skilled students to make a living out of the course.

Sana Kausar Mohd. Khalid is the perfect example of how VahVah! has not only taught but also, helped a student reach heights in their career as a Makeup Artist.

As this wasn’t the first time Sana was learning makeup, she knew more than a beginner in makeup. With a bitter experience of makeup learning in the past, she was a little skeptical about the learning process.

Soon after, she blended in with the online makeup classes. With direct teacher-student interactions, comprehensive teaching, and doubt solving, she thoroughly enjoyed the journey and gained all the required skillset to become a professional makeup artist.

After being certified as a Makeup Professional by VahVah! Makeup Academy, Sana learned how to sell her skill with VahVah!’s business assistance. She worked hard and, built herself built a strong portfolio on the website which eventually helped her fetch clients from her own city, Bangalore.

Her customers are totally in love with her work and rarely keep her slots vacant. With such growing demand and skilled makeup artistry, today, Sana earns about Rs. 10000-15000 for every makeup she does.

Henry Ford has rightly said, failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently, and people like Sana show us how!

Here's a link to watch Sana's Testimonial on her journey with VahVah!

To book your makeup appointment with Sana or to testify to her commendable work, head to now!