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Simple and effective ways to remove Holi Colors

Simple and effective ways to remove Holi Colors

Aparna Pandey
Aparna Pandey

Which one is your favorite Holi song - Rang barse? Balam Pichkari? Or something else. What about your favorite Holi snacks - Gujiya, Puran Poli, Pakode? Holi is just around the corner and I can’t think about anything else other than the festivities of the occasion. I have already picked my Holi clothes, bought organic Holi colors and started preparing for getting rid of Holi colors after the festival. Yes, getting rid of Holi colors can be a killjoy, but don’t worry; in this article, I will share some of the best tips on removing Holi colors from your face, body, hair and nails.

Key Tips to Remove Holi Colors

A lot of people worry about the messy deal of getting rid of Holi colors and avoid enjoying the festival to the fullest. But with a little preparation and the tips that I am going to share will make it easier for you to get rid of the leftover Holi colors in your face, hairs, nails, etc.

Removing Holi Colors from Face and Body


#Tip 1 - Use organic colors

As a kid, one thing I feared most about Holi was friends with pucca Holi colours - which will take weeks to get rid of. Now that we know better - I strongly recommend using organic colors to play Holi - these are skin-friendly and easy to remove.

# Tip 2 - Prepare your skin beforehand

  • Moisturize your skin

Before playing Holi apply a generous amount of coconut oil or petroleum jelly or a deep moisturizer (not a light one) on your face and body. This will protect your skin from coming in direct contact with the colors and hence will be easy to remove. Also, apply a generous amount of Vaseline or a lip balm on your lips to protect your lips.

  • Apply Sunscreen

To avoid tanning and the adverse effect of harsh sunlight, ensure wearing sunscreen at least 30 to 45 minutes before you head out to play with colours.

  • Apply foundation

Before playing Holi apply foundation on your face - this time not as a makeup hack but to protect your skin from dry colors.

#Tip 3 - Use cold water

Contrary to the popular practice of using warm water to bathe after playing Holi, I advise using cold water. Warm or hot water makes it tougher to get the colors off. So after you get back, the first thing you must do is thoroughly wash your face with cold water.  Another important thing to remember is - do not wash your face over and over again with water since it will make your skin dry.

#Tip 4 - Use coconut oil

In case you missed oiling/moisturizing your face beforehand or the colors are not coming off despite oiling - don’t fret. Massage your skin with coconut oil. Coconut oil dissolves almost all kinds of pigments, including Gulaal. Additionally, it also acts as an excellent moisturizer for the skin

#Tip 5 - DIY tips to get rid of the colors

  • Use lemon and honey

Lemon contains citric acid and honey acts as a moisturizer - a combination of both when applied on face and body can help lighten the shades of the colors - in case they are not completely gone.

  • Apply Ubtan

The age-old hack of applying ubtan made of - curd, besan, turmeric, olive oil (or any other body oil) and lemon juice lessens the shades of the colours and adds glow to your face.

#Tip 6 - Preventive measures to avoid rashes

Holi exposes our skin to a lot of harsh elements like - chemicals, dry colors, sun, and more. The occurrence of post Holi rashes is common, especially for people with acne-prone and sensitive skin. To avoid this after bathing massage your body with a good quality antiseptic cream. For the face, you can mix calamine lotion and rose water and gently apply it on the face until it is soaked.

Removing Holi Colors from Hair


#Tip 1 - Pre Holi hair care

Much like the face and body, to avoid damage to your hair - it is important to ensure proper oil of your hair before going out to play Holi. You can use any oil mustard, coconut or any other oil that suits your hair. If possible avoid light oils in this case. In case you do not want to apply oil, you can also use coconut milk - it not only protects your hair but also moisturizes them.

#Tip 2 - Use cold water

Like I mentioned in the case of the face, use cold water to thoroughly wash your hair. Do not use hot or warm water.

#Tip 3 - Apply a DIY hair mask

If you can, avoid shampooing your hair right after, instead apply DIY hair masks. You can make a mask of egg and curd - it helps get rid of the color and curd moisturizes it. If you cannot handle eggs you can use a pack made of curd and methi powder. These substances not only help get rid of the colors but also in getting rid of the harmful effect caused by the chemicals used in the Holi colors.

Removing Holi Colors from Nails


#Tip 1 - Pre Holi preparation for your nails

Like skin and hair, some pre Holi care for your nails will help you in preventing your nails from getting damaged. Keep your nails trimmed and in shape. A few days prior to Holi, start massaging your nails with almond oil or ghee - so that they aren’t dry and brittle.

#Tip 2 - Apply a double coat of nail polish

Covering your nails properly with a double coat of nail polish will help in avoiding Holi colors getting into your nails. You can simply remove the nail polish after the festival and continue with the above-mentioned nail care tips, for a few days.

#Tip 3 - DIY tips to clean your nails after Holi

Despite applying nail polish if colors get into your nails, you can use a couple of DIY tips to get rid of the color like - taking a small bowl of vinegar and immersing your nails for a few minutes. As an alternative, you can use fresh citric fruits like lemon and orange too to get rid of the colors.

Another DIY trick to get rid of colors from nails is - applying a layer of transparent nail polish and adding almond oil to a  bowl of warm water and immersing your nails - the leftover colors will come off.

Wishing you a happy, colorful and fun-filled Holi

Holi is one of the most-awaited and fun-filled festivals of India. Red, pink, or rainbow faces after the festival are a regular sight. I hope with the tips shared in this article, you will be able to leave behind the worry of removing Holi colors and enjoy the festival wholeheartedly.

Here’s wishing you all a very happy, colorful and fun-filled Holi from the entire team of Vah Vah. :)