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Strengthening the bonds of Friendship with Akansha's Makeup Artistry

Strengthening the bonds of Friendship with Akansha's Makeup Artistry

They say a friend in need is a friend indeed, and Akansha Goswami’s makeup story is a testimony to how friendship is one of life's most cherished gifts.

Career Katrina
Career Katrina

A software engineer by profession, Akansha has been working in the IT industry for more than a decade now. But it was only until the waves of Coronavirus hit us and the whole country went under a complete lockdown that Akansha discovered her love for makeup artistry. One afternoon, while working on her laptop Akansha had an urge to surf the internet for makeup courses. Due to the covid restrictions, it wasn’t an ideal option for her to go out and take up a professional makeup course, she shortlisted a few online makeup institutes, and VahVah! Makeup Institute was one of the top-listed ones.

Curious enough, Akansha dug in deep to search for the courses offered by the institute, talked to the counselor, and finally signed up for the course. Initially, when Akanksha joined the course, her knowledge about makeup was very minimal, she only knew the basic application of a few products and that was it.

She was focused on learning and took out time even between her office hours to attend the classes and the makeup techniques being taught in class. Be it her husband, her mother-in-law, or other members of the family, everyone was supportive of her course and their appreciation motivated her to do better.

It was during her makeup course with VahVah!, that her best friend was getting married, and Akansha was as excited about her wedding. Unfortunately, at the last moment due to some issues, the makeup artist had to cancel and her friend was paranoid as to how will she get ready for the wedding. It was that very moment when Akansha decided to take up the task, she comforted her friend and got to work. After a few hours of effort and dedication, when the bride was shown her final look, she was mesmerized. She couldn't believe how beautifully Akansha had done the makeup. Akansha with her makeup artistry skills and values of friendship saved the day.

Gleaming with happiness that came from appreciation and the look on her best friend’s face, Akansha could see herself building a career in the makeup industry.

It's been more than a year since Akansha completed her makeup learning journey with VahVah! And continues to practice makeup artistry. She still tries to learn the new trending makeup and tries them out on her friends and family and of course her beautiful clients.

The story of Akansha being a savior as her best friend’s bridal makeup artist is an example of how beautiful a bond friendship is and how it can add value to your life and be a savior on the most important days of your life.