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Aparna Pandey

How To Create a Stunning Makeup Artist Portfolio to Attract Clients

The first rule of an impressive portfolio is having a stunning first image. As they say - a first impression is the last impression, a stellar first image will ensure that the first impression of your portfolio catches your client’s interest and attention

Career Katrina

How Makeup Artists can Use Social Media to Get Clients and Grow Business

It requires a plan, time, and most importantly consistent efforts to reap the full benefits of social media to get clients and grow your business. Let’s talk about some tricks of the trade that makeup artists can use to use social media as a powerful tool to reach potential clients

Career Katrina

Investing in Beauty Business: What is The Right Cost?

India is seeing an uptick in the number of entrepreneurs, especially after the pandemic hit. The reasons being - the world of online opened up in ways unimagined, people moved to their home towns and natives due to extended work from homes, ample time in hand due to lockdowns, and

Career Katrina

How to choose a makeup school: 7 tips to find the best makeup school for the success of your career

Makeup is an art that requires creativity and skills and becoming successful as a makeup artist will need honing both these aspects. Like any other profession, finding the right mentor can be a decisive move towards the success of your career as a makeup artist. Choosing the right makeup school

Career Katrina

Top 10 skills to become a successful makeup Artist

Makeup is art, beauty is spirit! And like any art form, makeup artists have to keep honing their skills to achieve success and stay relevant. In today’s world, there are a plethora of career opportunities for makeup artists - be it fashion runways, magazine editorial shoots, advertising shoots, celebrity