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Career Katrina

Ruma's Journey From a School Teacher to A Makeup Artist

A school teacher turned into a professional makeup artist: A student success story

Simply Shonali

Top 10 showstopper makeup trends from FDCI X Lakme Fashion Week 2022

Lakme Fashion Week is one of fashion enthusiasts' most sought-after runway events. It’s a festival of beauty, colours, makeup and everything fashion. It defines the fashion trends for the year and sets new standards for designers and makeup artists. This year’s theme was ‘Queens of India’ an ode

Career Katrina

Two decades of being a makeup artist

They say it’s never too late to learn, and Aruna S is a real-life testimony to this statement. Aruna has been running a makeup salon for almost two decades now and her immense love for makeup is what got her to enroll in VahVah! Makeup Institute. Almost a year

Career Katrina

The Award-Winning Makeup by Darshana Barmaiya

Imagination has a great deal to do with winning. Darshana Barmaiya, a VahVah! certified makeup artist, was recently honored with the Runner’s Up Award for a Bridal Makeup Contest. The event was organized by the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Mr. Kamal Nath, and was witnessed by famous personalities

Aparna Pandey

5 Cool Makeup Looks For Indian Summers

Summers are here. These bright and sunny months are perfect to play around with looks that match the colours of the weather. Indian summers are humid in most parts of the country, hence it is also the time when makeup enthusiasts are seeking looks that agree with the hot and

Career Katrina

Lalita’s Makeup Journey : Turning weaknesses into strengths

Growth doesn't come entirely by attaining knowledge about a particular skill, rather it's a mix of the ability to confront and overcome the problems faced by the individual and brainstorming for the most creative ideas for execution. Lalita Khati, a VahVah certified makeup artist’s story is what perfectly explains

Career Katrina

Sana’s Journey: From being Skilled to being Succesful

To know a skill is one thing, but how to earn from the skill is a whole different arena. At VahVah! the students are not just taught the skills of makeup or styling professionals but it also serves as a platform for these skilled students to make a living out

Aparna Pandey

Makeup Trends For 2022 Brides- What's In & What's Out!

Trends come and go, not only for bridal lehengas, but even bridal makeup! What was trending in 2021 might not be in style in 2022, after all, over the last few years. Let's be honest, we all have been going pretty crazy with highlighting and eyebrows off late! So to

Career Katrina

COVID Precautions Bridal Makeup Artists Must Follow in 2021

It’s been over a year since the pandemic hit the world. When we started Vah Vah in 2020, we wanted makeup lovers and enthusiasts to have access to makeup artist courses despite the challenges of the pandemic. Over the last year, we have trained hundreds of students online. But