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The Award-Winning Makeup by Darshana Barmaiya

The Award-Winning Makeup by Darshana Barmaiya

Career Katrina
Career Katrina

                             Imagination has a great deal to do with winning.

Darshana Barmaiya, a VahVah! certified makeup artist, was recently honored with the Runner’s Up Award for a Bridal Makeup Contest. The event was organized by the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Mr. Kamal Nath, and was witnessed by famous personalities from the makeup and fashion industry.

Among the 78 participants who participated from all over Madhya Pradesh, Darshana was applauded for her unique approach and perspective toward makeup and beauty.

Her interest in painting and art became the foundation of her passion for makeup excellence. Darshana was always a creative mind with passion and dedication. And during her course, her creative mind, passion, and dedication blended in the right direction to create the mind-blowing makeup artist that she is today.

From the basics of Makeup and Skincare to the Advanced Bridal and Party Makeup, she learned it all at VahVah in two months. With a prior experience and knowledge of the art and fashion world, she was quick to grasp the new trends in makeup quite quickly.

Once her certification was over, her trainer Soniya Raut suggested she do a photoshoot to flaunt her work. Darshana got a camera and with her sister and friends’ support and working for 2 days straight she was finally able to carry out the complete shoot. In November 2021, along with her sister, she launched Sistaelit, her makeup and beauty venture. Her sister helps her with traveling and the hairstyling part while she handles the makeup arena.

When people around her residential area tried out her services, they were spellbound by the glamorous looks she created and her dedication to customer satisfaction. Her new customers were quick to choose her over the well-known salons they’ve been visiting.

When she got her first customer, a Walima Bridal Reception Look via a friend, the bride loved her work so much that she offered her an extra pay than what was decided and even offered her to stay back for the function.

Until she got her first customer it was very difficult to convince her father of the growth in her passion for the makeup profession.  But after her constant efforts and the achievement of this award, he’s finally proud of his daughter as a professional MUA. Not only this he even offered to help her with the studio requirements and support her traveling needs. She has always had her sister, mother, and friends’ support, and now her father has also joined in.

It has just been a few months since Darshana completed her journey of becoming a professional makeup artist with VahVah, but she has been able to reach grow exponentially.

Darshana has made us all proud with her talent and hard work and aspires to reach more heights as a professional makeup artist.

With her skills in makeup and technical knowledge, she has grown as a professional makeup artist and earns more than 20K a month. Recently, she has also joined VahVah! as an instructor and aspires to reach great heights in the future.

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