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The Saree Saga: Iconic Indo Western Saree Draping Styles

The Saree Saga: Iconic Indo Western Saree Draping Styles

Simply Shonali
Simply Shonali

What started as simple cotton attire for women has now turned into a trendsetter. Sarees have been ruling every Indian woman’s wardrobe for over 5000 years now. Regardless of age, ethnicity, or geography, those 6 yards have a special place in the hearts of all Indian Ladies. Be it the first time you wear it, or the 100th time, the grace that a saree bestows on the person wearing it is unmatched.

The evolution of sarees, fabric, designs, and blouses has made a bold statement in the fashion industry. The love for saree is no more limited to India, but rather Sarees have become a global representation in the fashion world.


With changing trends, an endless series of draping styles have also made their way to the spotlight. Even a few decades ago, one wouldn't have tried wrapping their saree around a pair of denim, nor had they imagined a saree that would take less than a minute to be worn.

So here, we have curated a few Indo western saree draping styles, that will amp up your saree game for all the wedding functions and parties.

  • Off-Shoulder Drape

The first on the list is the Off Shoulder Saree draping style, a much-loved drape among fashion influencers. This drape can make you look gracefully glamorous for any occasion. For this style, drape your saree the usual way, put the pallu on one shoulder, and then from the back bring the pallu on the shoulder.  To add sophistication and keep the drape intact add a belt on the pallu at the waist.

If you are planning to wear heavy neck jewelry then this Indo western draping style will give you enough space to flaunt your neckpiece.


  • Fishtail Drape

The most dressy of all of the saree styles, the Mermaid style is a snazzy twist of traditional draping with a modern take. Wear your saree with a font style pallu, take one end of the pallu, tightly drape on the waistline from behind and then tuck it near your navel. And voila the mermaid drape is done.

A bright-colored blouse with a bright patterned design will add unparalleled charm to this mermaid-inspired Indo Western Saree Draping Style.


  • The Modern Bengali Drape

Remember Aishwarya's saree styling in Devdas? That's what we call a traditional Bengali drape!
For the Indo Western Saree Draping style, tuck your saree around your waistline in the basic style. The pallu has a major role in this drape and needs to be extra long. Once the basic tuck is done, put your pallu on the left shoulder, take the end and pull it to the front from the sides of your right shoulder and finally wrap it around.

Most classic accessories you can add to this saree look are a bunch of keys. To modernize the style you can always experiment with other accessories.


  • Infinity Drape

This style finds its origin in the classic Gujarati drape. The basic idea of the Infinity drape is to create a cowl on one side of the body.

Take the pallu behind and bring it down from the left shoulder to the front. Make your pallu such that it should reach the floor. Arrange the pallu in a way that when you fan it out, you can pull out the bottom-most pleat of the pallu. Now from behind, pass the pallu through the cowl, pull it up, and tuck the end with your pleats. And you are ready to rock the show in your Indo western saree draping style

Make sure you do not make more than three pleats to achieve a perfect infinity drape look.


This wedding season, add glam to your wedding look book by taking inspiration from these fabulous Indo Western saree draping Styles.

Team your saree with trendy blouses, experiment with different jewelry, and accessories, and create a masterpiece from the six yards of grace!

If you're someone who wants to learn these amazing saree draping styles and much more, enroll for the VahVah! Saree Draping Course Today!