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COVID Precautions Bridal Makeup Artists Must Follow in 2021

COVID Precautions Bridal Makeup Artists Must Follow in 2021

Career Katrina
Career Katrina

It’s been over a year since the pandemic hit the world. When we started Vah Vah in 2020, we wanted makeup lovers and enthusiasts to have access to makeup artist courses despite the challenges of the pandemic. Over the last year, we have trained hundreds of students online. But just like many other industries, the world of makeup has seen a drastic change. Hygiene was always critical in the field of makeup. But in the new normal it has become the most important factor clients consider while choosing a salon or a makeup professional. A lot of my students after finishing their makeup course are concerned about this new reality and are confused about the kind of COVID precautions they should follow to ensure the safety of their clients and themselves.

Personally, like most of us, I have been taking all precautions like using masks & sanitisers, keeping social distancing, and more. But I understand that dealing with clients outside your known premises can be scary at this time, especially for bridal makeup artists. Indian weddings are a grand affair. Even with a limited number of guests and all the precautions that people are taking, it can be daunting to keep a tab on all the safety measures you must follow. Nonetheless, as a makeup artist, they are extremely important both for you and your clients. To make it easier, in this article, I will talk about the COVID-19 hygiene practices that bridal makeup artists must follow during these times.

How to get COVID ready as a bridal makeup artist - precautions that must be followed

As a makeup artist, you cannot avoid getting into proximity with your clients and that is why you must follow all safety precautions with utmost precision. So let me share some important tips on the COVID precautions you must take care of as a bridal makeup artist.


Train yourself and your team

It is important that you and your crew (if you have a team) know the why, where, and how of all the COVID precautions that must be followed. From masks to sanitisers, gloves, maintaining cosmetics’ hygiene - there are a lot of things to be followed. You can go through the Ministry of Healthcare website and WHO resources to understand more about the precautions that you should take care of. Awareness and following precautionary measures are your best defense. If you have a team or even one or two people to help you, ensure that they are trained too on the COVID safety rules.

Get a hygiene kit ready

Have a hygiene kit ready for every appointment. In this case, a checklist approach works. Make a checklist of things that you must carry with you - masks, gloves, sanitizer, face shields, and more. While leaving the house cross-check against the list if everything is in place as per your list and only then head out.

Single-use makeup kits

Disposable makeup kits are the way to go during these times. Ensure that you create a makeup kit for individual clients. You can also avoid using cosmetics directly from the packaging and pour it out on a palette. Alternatively, you can also ask your client to get their makeup kit with their preferred cosmetics.


Sanitise, sanitise, and sanitise once again

Keep your makeup kit and brushes sanitised. Clean it with a medical-grade sanitisers before and after every use. If your client is coming to your house or studio, ensure that the space is fully sanitised. Use 70% Isopropyl Alcohol to sanitise all your makeup products. Clean your brushes every time it touches your client. If possible use disposable brushes. If not, then sanitise it every time you have to use it on a client.


The safer the better

Use a PPE kit and a face shield while doing makeup for your client. It is important for both your and your client’s safety. Also, whether it is the client’s place or your studio, ensure to not allow more people than necessary in the vicinity. Use separate pouches for your clean brushes and the used or dirty ones.


Keep sanitisers and soaps handy

Wash your hands, put on a disposable glove before starting the makeup. Wash your hands again after finishing it. Ensure that you always have a sanitiser handy during the application of makeup. Urge your clients to use sanitiser, wash their hands and not touch their face during the session.

Get vaccinated

Most importantly get vaccinated before you start taking assignments. Getting both your doses done will help you stay protected. The cases might have subsided but the virus is still around us. Hence, despite getting the vaccination done, it will be important to take all precautions for your and your client’s safety.

Communicate your COVID precautions to your clients

The pandemic is still ongoing and during this time most people will want to hire makeup artists who are following all safety precautions. This will continue to be the case for the coming few years. Your clients must be assured of the precautions that you are taking as a makeup artist. Ensure that you personally apprise your clients of the safety measures you have taken. If you have a website or a social media page ensure you publish the details there so that when new clients reach out to you they are assured of the hygienic practices that you are following.

The wedding season in India is just about to start and it is time for bridal makeup artists to not only enhance their makeup skills but also up their hygiene game. Hygiene and COVID precautions you take are going to be an extremely important factor clients will consider while choosing a bridal makeup artist. While it might seem a lot, with proper training and a process in place you can easily follow all the precautionary measures. With the resources available all across mediums, it can get overwhelming to digest all the information and follow them. I hope the tips mentioned in this article will help you stay safe and ensure your clients’ safety too.